Rep. Robert Scott Visits Hampton Roads Transit


REP. ROBERT C. “BOBBY” SCOTT (D-VA) visited Hampton Roads Transit’s (HRT) Newport News Transit Center recently and rode the 757 Express along Route 112 from Downtown Newport News to Patrick Henry Mall. Rep. Scott was joined by Newport News Mayor Phillip Jones, Newport News City Councilman John R. Eley III, state Senator Mamie Locke, state Delegate Marcia Price, along with HRT officials and other dignitaries.

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“We know that expansion of public transportation provides a number of economic and health benefits to communities, and that was one of the main goals of the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law,” said Rep. Scott. “I am pleased to see our communities benefitting from HRT’s efforts and these continued investments in public transit.”

Rt. 112, which services Jefferson Avenue in Newport News, has seen a 22 percent increase in ridership since October when it began running 15-minute service during peak hours. Rt. 114, which services Mercury Boulevard in Hampton, has seen a four percent increase in ridership since it introduced more-frequent service in May.

“We want to thank Congressman Scott and our esteemed elected officials for their support of transit and the 757 Express,” said William Harrell, HRT president/CEO. “Increased frequency is a significant driver of ridership growth. It makes transit a more attractive and convenient option for getting around, and we’re seeing more customers willing to give it a try.”

The 757 Express program is envisioned as a network of 13 bus routes connecting the highest densities of people and jobs in the region. Routes 112 and 114 were the first two to be added to this network. HRT plans to introduce additional routes as it hires more bus drivers.

In addition to more-frequent service, the 757 Express also includes capital improvements. HRT has installed a shelter, bench or a combination of the two at more than 165 of the planned 620 bus stops across the region. The program also includes technology enhancements, such as real-time bus location and arrival information via smart phone.