APTA Files Comments on Proposed National Public Transportation Safety Plan


APTA FILED COMMENTS ON A proposed update to FTA’s National Public Transportation Safety Plan (NPTSP) July 31. The proposed plan would rescind and replace the plan published in January 2017.

The proposed NPTSP seeks to address new requirements in the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, including establishing safety performance criteria for all recipients who are required to develop safety plans under FTA’s Public Transportation Agency Safety Plan (PTASP) regulation, as well as safety performance measures related to the safety risk reduction program.

APTA’s comments emphasize that safety is the number-one core value of its members and notes the strong partnership and ongoing dialogue between APTA and FTA regarding safety. APTA also strongly encourages FTA to:

  • Confirm that safety-performance-measure data collection is forward-looking.
  • Streamline the risk-reduction-program performance measures to relieve potential duplication with the NPTSP safety performance measures.
  • Move the voluntary minimum safety standards and recommended practices mentioned in the NPTSP to an appendix.
  • Ensure that a public transit agency’s accountable executive has the final determination in all safety committee decisions, including, but not limited to, dispute resolutions.

View APTA’s comments at www.apta.com/federal-rulemaking-and-notices.